Association Council


Two at-large members elected by the Association, Officers of the Association, Chairperson or representative from each of the three Committees, Fox Valley representative to Conference Finance Committee and the Association Minister.

Responsibilities and Possibilities

  •  Engage all committees in planning for, and carrying out a united program for the Association.
  •  Address “business” items, e.g. budget, Association Office, annual meeting business agenda.
  • Make appointments as needed between Association annual meetings.
  • Hear and take action as needed on appeals of authorization decisions and actions of the Committee on Ministry, subject to the most recently adopted Fox Valley Association appeal process.
  • Review the Design for Ministry annually to keep it viable and challenging.

Committee Members

Rev. Catherine Erwin,’19  Moderator

Robin Thomas, ’19 1st Vice Moderator

Rev. Kendra Joyner-Miller, ’19 2nd Vice Moderator

Rev. Emily Mitchell, ’19 Secretary

Rev. Peter McQueen ’19 Treasurer

Rev. Jana Chwalisz, ’19 At-Large

Timothy Burke, ’20 At-Large

Sinclair Gallagher, ’20 Ad-Hoc

Vacant, ’19  Youth At-Large


Conference Staff Consulting (Ex-officio without vote)

Acting Associate Conference Minister, the Rev. Kimberly Wood