Christian Education Resources

Alban Institute
Alban at Duke Divinity School helps leaders connect and learn from one another by sharing practical wisdom, stories of thriving congregations and transformational models of ministry.

Association of United Church Educators
Here you will find resources and support for your church’s educational ministries.

Bible Quest
Bible Quest is a Bible story curriculum for all ages.

Faith Practices
Using distinctive practices of faith – such as “Keeping Sabbath” or “Playing and Living Joyfully” – with more than 600 activities in each to spark meaningful conversations, the UCC on July 15, 2010 rolled out Faith Practices, a comprehensive set of resources designed to revolutionize the way congregations equip their members to talk about faith.

Making Our Churches Safe for All
A UCC webpage with links to a variety of resources including a guidebook that can help your church provide safe space for everyone.

Partners In Education
At the end of 2012, national resource and training support for the Conference-based Partners in Education (PIE) was discontinued. Some Conferences have chosen to continue their regional programs, with the blessing and encouragement of the UCC’s national setting. There are several Conferences within the UCC where PIE is thriving, thanks to the dedication of Conference staff and local church educators who have sustained these efforts. Other Conferences are engaging in processes of discernment regarding whether this particular program meets the needs for mutual support and training for local church educators in their areas

Pilgrim Press
Pilgrim Press is affiliated with the UCC and publishes academic and trade books on social and religious issues in the areas of ethics, public policy, gender and sexuality, racial and ethnic issues, and science and technology.

UCC Resources
UCC Resources is the place to order all UCC materials, including Stillspeaking merchandise